Defining Goals for the Future — Shanice’s Story

Shanice is a high school senior who has worked with Team Read for five years as an after school and summer reading coach and a site assistant. As a reading coach at Team Read, Shanice developed ambitious career aspirations and the necessary life skills to achieve these goals. Her story demonstrates the clear impact that serving as a reading coach can have for teens in Seattle. For as long as Shanice can remember, she has wanted to be a teacher. When she was an eighth grader at Beacon Hill Elementary School she learned about Team Read and immediately volunteered to tutor second and third grade students in reading. Shanice loved reading. When she was a little girl, her mother took her every week to their local library and the two of them would sit on a little blue bench in the library and read together. She knew that there were lots of students who struggled with reading and she wanted to help. Shanice looked forward to Team Read each week. On Monday and Wednesday afternoons, rain or shine, she would walk over a mile from Mercer Middle School to Beacon Hill Elementary School. She explains her first experience as a reading

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Sakura and Kaimana

The word is climbs. Kaimana stares at it. He frowns. He won’t speak. He fidgets in his chair. It makes no sense: Why is there a “b” at the end of this word?

Justin Bieber – Myla’s Reading Incentive

My name is Kiarra and I was a Team Read tutor for three years. I want to tell you about my student Myla. When I met Myla she was in 2nd grade. While her classmates were making steady progress in reading, her teacher said Myla was stuck.

An Interview with Jack Khuu

Jack, you’ve given so much time to Team Read as a volunteer and tutor. Can we clone you? Only if I get a clone for myself — someone to go to school for me so I can stay home and sleep late.