Team Read’s Dual Impact

2nd and 3rd graders become great readers and teens develop key career and life skills.

Second and Third Graders

Bontje 501-0415In Seattle in 2014, 53% of minority, low-income,
and limited-English third graders did not meet state reading standards.

That’s where Team Read comes in. Our structured curriculum with one-to-one tutoring enables students to gain reading skills that put them on the pathway to continued success. Because of Team Read, over 9,000 elementary students who started the program reading a year to two below grade level have become better, more confident readers.

  • 70% of our students more than double their prior year reading level
  • 80% of students assessed in the 2014 Summer Reading program gained reading skills
  • 90% of referring teachers agree that their students’ reading abilities have improved because of Team Read
  • 97% of families agree that Team Read helped their child learn to read.


Teen participation in the workforce has steadily declined over the past decade, particularly for kids from low-income and minority communities.

We have provided more than 9,000 teens with the opportunity to develop critical college, career, and life skills through training, support and meaningful paid tutoring jobs.

While our teens help students become proficient readers, the program provides an opportunity for teens to develop essential skills to support their future success.

  • 91% of reading coaches say Team Read gave them skills they can use in other work now or in the future.
  • 92% of reading coaches report their roles gave them a chance to make a difference and gave them a sense of accomplishment
  • 91% of reading coaches say Team Read showed them how to work with different kinds of people.
  • 87% of reading coaches say Team Read taught them to persevere even when things don’t come easily.



Evaluating our impact and continuously improving our program are imperatives which have been built in to Team Read’s organizational DNA. Since 1998, we’ve hired independent evaluators to help us design and implement annual program reviews.

We use district academic reading assessment data and feedback from key program stakeholders — reading coaches, referring teachers, principals and parents — to assess both reading growth and attitudes towards reading of our second and third graders. Surveys and focus groups help measure how our teen reading coaches have benefited.


Team Read 2016-17 Afterschool Program Evaluation Highlights
Team Read 2017 Summer Program Evaluation Highlights

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Success Stories

Our favorite way to showcase the magic of the Team Read model is through the stories of the students themselves! As these stories show, the special relationships between teens and their students are key to helping kids meet the reading challenge. The bond they form over the course of a year makes all the difference for the students, who are more willing to work hard at reading through the encouragement of their tutors.