Our Curriculum

Team Read’s curriculum and materials have been developed over the last 18 years by reading teachers who incorporate the best literacy strategies and proven classroom tutoring experience into our program. Informed by reading research and years of experience, the curriculum is designed to develop vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension.

The primary instructional tool used by our reading coaches is the Power Reader Journal (PRJ).  The PRJ is structured so that lessons include sight word work, phonics, reading comprehension and fluency.

Lessons in the PRJ are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Team Read provides a collection of fun, interesting culturally relevant books at each elementary school. Half are fiction, and half are non-fiction or informational.

Our Partner Schools

During the 2016-17 school year we partnered with 10 elementary schools across Seattle. 2017-18 tutoring sites will be announced in September.

  • Bailey Gatzert Elementary
  • Concord International Elementary
  • Dunlap Elementary
  • Leschi Elementary
  • Lowell Elementary
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
  • Orca K-8 School
  • South Shore PK-8 School
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • Van Asselt Elementary

Highline Team Read 2016-17 partner schools:

  • Hazel Valley Elementary

Given today’s resource constraints in the public school system, teachers and other school staff can’t bridge this reading gap alone. The reading support needs of our children are too great, so we work closely with principals and teachers to provide high-quality programming at our partner schools.

“Team Read is an outstanding extended-learning literacy opportunity for Gatzert Elementary students. It is a program with integrity that just keeps getting better over the last dozen years that we have partnered with them. Gatzert students love to work with their tutors to improve their reading skills. This is a strong program that benefits children, schools and future citizens of the city of Seattle.”

Greg Imel

Principal, Bailey Gatzert Elementary, Seattle Public Schools

Summer Program

Team Read’s summer program has been growing and evolving since 2012. Team Read is committed to offering year-round support by continuing to provide school year participants with literacy tutoring in the summer. The summer program also gives new children in the community the opportunity to experience what we have to offer. Each summer Team Read partners with the Seattle Public Library and the Seattle Public Schools Summer Staircase program to provide reading tutoring support for vulnerable first, second, and third-grade students and job opportunities for our current coaches.


Student Readers

We are getting ready to “BLAST OFF” this summer with a space themed program!!

WHO:      Students currently participating in Team Read

WHAT:    One-on-one reading tutoring and games with teen coaches

WHEN:    Seattle: June 28 – July 27, 1pm – 3pm, M/W or T/Th (MLK is 12:30 pm – 3 pm, M-F)
Highline: June 27 – July 27, 9am – 11am, T/Th

WHERE:  Seattle Public Libraries: NewHolly, Douglass-Truth and Rainier Beach
Elementary Schools: Martin Luther King Jr. and Hazel Valley
Other: South Park Community Center

Teen Coaches

We are excited for the all the opportunities that are available to our reading coaches this summer. In addition to working at the Team Read summer program sites, there are 28 classroom assistants positions in the Seattle Public Schools Summer Staircase program. Local teens will have a huge impact on the lives of younger students as they work together to prevent summer learning loss.


If you have any questions about the summer program please contact our Summer Program Coordinator, Rose Waller rose@teamread.org.


Why is Summer Reading Important?

Children who do not read during the summer can lose months of academic progress. Team Read is dedicated to helping local students stay on track and continue to succeed throughout the year. Learn more about the importance of summer reading here.

Best Practices in the Summer

Year Round Support
Team Read has an established, successful school year program that is the foundation for our summer work.


Access to Reading Materials
Team Read provides books for use during each session and is able to provide free books to youth during the summer program. In partnership with Seattle Public Library, Team Read teaches kids and families about the free and amazing resources available at their community libraries. We work with library staff to help each child get a library card for continued access to books and other materials.


Low Cost/Easy Access
Team Read provides summer programming at no cost to families and is strategically located at libraries, schools and community centers in the communities that we serve.


Small Class Size/Differentiated Instruction
Team Read provides one-on-one structured tutoring with a teen coach, who  is not only helping with reading instruction geared to the student’s needs, but creating an important mentor relationship with his or her student.


Aligned School-Year Curricula
Team Read works in close partnership with Seattle and Highline Public Schools to align our curriculum with school curriculum.


Team Read hires outside evaluators for year round evaluation. This includes gathering information and data from parents, coaches, students, and librarians with a focus on studying the impact of the program which informs improvements.


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