Our Curriculum

Team Read’s curriculum and materials have been developed over the last 18 years by reading teachers who incorporate the best literacy strategies and proven classroom tutoring experience into our program. Informed by reading research and years of experience, the curriculum is designed to develop vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension.

The primary instructional tool used by our reading coaches is the Power Reader Journal (PRJ).  The PRJ is structured so that lessons include sight word work, phonics, reading comprehension and fluency.

Lessons in the PRJ are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Team Read provides a collection of fun, interesting culturally relevant books at each elementary school. Half are fiction, and half are non-fiction or informational.


Our Partner Schools

Seattle Team Read is thrilled to be partnering again with several SPS elementary schools, as well as Seattle Public Library and other local organizations. 

  • Bailey Gatzert Elementary (Team Read+)
  • Dearborn Park International Elementary
  • John Muir Elementary (Team Read+)
  • Lowell Elementary
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary (Team Read+ and Team Read 4)
  • Orca K-8
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • Van Asselt Elementary (Team Read 4)
  • NewHolly Branch Library
  • High Point Branch Library
  • East African Community Services


We’re expanding in Highline Public Schools! Highline Team Read will have two tutoring sites this year:

  • Hazel Valley Elementary (Team Read 4)
  • Midway Elementary


Given today’s resource constraints in the public school system, teachers and other school staff can’t bridge this reading gap alone. The reading support needs of our children are too great, so we work closely with principals and teachers to provide high-quality programming at our partner schools.


“Team Read is an outstanding extended-learning literacy opportunity for Gatzert Elementary students. It is a program with integrity that just keeps getting better over the last dozen years that we have partnered with them. Gatzert students love to work with their tutors to improve their reading skills. This is a strong program that benefits children, schools and future citizens of the city of Seattle.”

Greg Imel

Principal, Bailey Gatzert Elementary, Seattle Public Schools

The Seattle Public Schools bell time change means earlier start times for the majority of elementary schools and later start times for middle and high schools. This seemingly simple change presented a new challenge for Team Read because our model has been built on middle and high school students being dismissed well in advance of the elementary schools. Team Read, as well as schools and parents, have been discussing solutions for supporting the Team Read students who are getting out 2 hours before our teen reading coaches can be on site and begin the one-on-one tutoring sessions. In response to a growing need, Team Read has launched a new program called Team Read+ as one of the potential solutions.

Team Read+ starts directly after elementary school gets out and goes for 3 hours. The last hour of the program is traditional one-on-one tutoring with high school reading coaches. During the first two hours, a small group of Team Read staff will lead students through activities, including KidzLit, an interactive curriculum that builds literacy skills while being social with peers. Team Read+ is located at Bailey Gatzert Elementary and Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary this year. We are excited to be meeting the needs of the community while having a greater impact on kids in our Team Read schools!

Fourth Grade Pilot

Team Read at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary is expanding to serve 4th graders. The curriculum being piloted for this new program has been in development for the past year. Like our program for 2nd and 3rd graders, it is focused on helping students who are reading below grade level gain reading skills and confidence, and foster the development of leadership skills. Readers will meet twice a week for a one hour session with their teen coaches where they will be immersed in a variety of reading experiences.

Each session will begin with team building activities and a read aloud, followed by reading of chapter books one-on-one with a reading coach where they will learn strategies for increasing both their amount of reading and their comprehension. Sessions will conclude with time to practice their reading skills with a book of their choice, to be shared with 2nd and 3rd grade Team Read readers. Janine King, former Seattle Public Schools Reading Specialist and Team Read program designer has developed this new program and we know these extra two hours a week spent reading in a positive and supportive environment will certainly help build strong, confident readers.


Summer Program

Team Read’s summer program has been growing and evolving since 2012. Team Read is committed to offering year-round support by continuing to provide school year participants with literacy tutoring in the summer. The summer program also gives new children in the community the opportunity to experience what we have to offer. Each summer Team Read partners with The Seattle Public Library (SPL) and the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Summer Staircase program to provide reading tutoring support for vulnerable first, second, and third-grade students and job opportunities for our current coaches.


If you have any questions about the summer program please contact our Summer Program Coordinator, Rose Nakano at rose@teamread.org.


Children who do not read during the summer can lose months of academic progress. Team Read is dedicated to helping local students stay on track and continue to succeed throughout the year. Learn more:

Best Practices in the Summer

Summer Reading Loss