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2020 Spring Benefit Luncheon

Thursday, March 5 | 12 – 1 pm | Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Team Read’s annual Spring Benefit Luncheon supports hundreds of 2nd – 4th grade readers who are achieving increased literacy skills with the help of their teen reading coaches. Join us for a celebration of Powerful Pairs! We’ll explore the unique relationships between our student readers and teen coaches, and how their work together has a dual impact that lasts a lifetime. Learn more and register here.




Individual Supporters

Every year, hundreds of individual donors give generously to Team Read. Your gift to Team Read has a dual impact: for students, who gain the reading skills they need for a bright future, and for teen reading coaches, who grow professionally and personally through this work experience.


Your Contribution Will Make Team Read’s Growth Possible

Our vision is that twenty years from now, Team Read will be supporting thousands of low-income children from communities across our region on their journey to becoming great readers. Achieving our ambitious goal requires the support of our entire community.  Doubling the number of students we serve will require an investment in our capacity in nearly every area of our operations. We anticipate these investments requiring a 25% annual increase in earned and contributed revenue in each of the next five years.  To meet this challenge, we are asking our entire community of individual donors, institutional funders, and corporate partners to invest in Team Read – an investment in the future of our kids, our economy and our quality of life.


What will my donation help make possible?

Donations to Team Read provide funding for the following:

  • Tutoring materials and supplies
  • Updating and expanding the book collections at partner elementary schools
  • Training & training materials and supplies for reading coaches, site coordinators, and site assistants
  • On-site coaching and professional development of teen coaches (from staff and literacy specialists)
  • Program planning and logistics coordination (transportation, snacks, placement of teen coaches at sites, managing teen coach compensation)
  • Program development
  • Program evaluation
  • Incentives for the 2nd and 3rd grade readers
  • Food for Ambassador meetings, end of year parties, and trainings
  • Staff wages and benefits


You can also support Team Read by shopping at AmazonSmile.

“Simply, I see literacy as a fundamental right of all children and Team Read makes good on that promise.  An investment in Team Read brings benefits for decades—students apply their reading proficiency for a lifetime of reading to learn and the reading coaches enjoy new opportunities thanks to their employment experience. My family is thrilled to be a regular donor to Team Read.”

Laura Midgley

October Ambassadors 1Team Read Alumni Network

No one knows better than our tutors what an impact Team Read has. Each year, hundreds of Team Read reading coaches graduate high school and head off to college or begin successful careers. In 2016, we established an Alumni Network to provide special opportunities for former reading coaches, including:

  • Networking events
  • Professional advice and coaching
  • Volunteer opportunities with Team Read
  • Job listings

Former reading coaches are invited to sign up for the Alumni Network to receive emails with the latest news and opportunities from Team Read. And be sure to check out our newsletter series, Team Read Alumni: Where Are They Now?.



For nearly two decades, community members from Seattle and the area have stepped forward to support our work by giving generously of their time. Our volunteers encourage and inspire us.  If you are excited by Team Read’s mission and want to volunteer, please contact us to learn more about current and/or future opportunities.


Parent Connection

Parents of Team Read coaches see firsthand how hard they work, and the success they have with students. Parents of second- and third-graders see firsthand the improvement in their children’s reading skills, confidence and enjoyment of reading.  Parents understand the impact of Team Read  and we are grateful to all the parents who support Team Read in its mission. Parents who want to help Team Read are encouraged to contact us.

Team Read is thriving at schools in Seattle and Highline because of the generous support we receive from individuals, foundations and corporate sponsors.

“Team Read is successful because of the exquisite chemistry among well-trained teen coaches and young readers.  The coaches bring smarts, creativity and empathy to students who look up to them and try hard.  It’s magical to watch.”

Tricia McKay-Lincoln

Founding and Corporate Sponsors

Every year, Team Read partners with foundations who help us execute our on mission and make our work possible. Foundations interested in learning more about Team Read’s work are encouraged to contact us.

1Team Read WWF Check Photo


  • Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation

Founding Partners

  • Apex Foundation ((Bruce and Jolene McCaw)
  • Keith and Mary Kay McCaw Foundation
  • Dennis and Beth Weibling


Since 1998 Team Read has been supported by a wide range of foundations.  This list below recognizes and honors the foundations who have generously helped Team Read thrive and grow over the years.

  • Apex Foundation
  • Archibald Charitable Foundation
  • Aven Foundation
  • Bezos Family Foundation
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • BNSF Foundation
  • Bruce & Jolene McCaw Foundation
  • Cedarmere Foundation
  • Charis Fund
  • Charlotte Martin Foundation
  • Discuren Foundation
  • Dupar Foundation
  • Elizabeth Lynn Foundation
  • Fordham Street Foundation
  • George A. & Marion M. Wilson Foundation
  • The Glaser Foundation
  • Infospace
  • Linda Richardson Harper Foundation
  • Lucky Seven Foundation
  • Medina Foundation
  • Moccasin Lake Foundation
  • Norcliffe Foundation
  • Norman Raab Foundation
  • Paul G. Allen Foundation
  • Paul Glaser Foundation


  • Peach Foundation
  • Raven Foundation
  • RealNetworks Foundation
  • RGK Foundation
  • Rotary Service Committee
  • Runstad Family Foundation
  • Russell Family Foundation
  • Safeco Insurance Fund
  • Safeway Foundation
  • Satterberg Foundation
  • Seattle Rotary Services Foundation
  • Silver Family Foundation
  • Social Venture Partners
  • Social Venture Kids
  • Stocker Foundation
  • Target Foundation
  • The Seattle Foundation
  • The Stocker Foundation
  • Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund
  • Umpqua Bank
  • Listed belowUS Bank
  • Vadon Foundation
  • Washington Women’s Foundation
  • Wells Fargo
  • Windermere Foundation

Team Read was privileged to work with an amazing team of volunteers to develop this website and we can’t thank them enough.

Our dream team members include:

  • Heather Ottmar–of Ten Gun Design.  She and her team of designers and developers donated their time for the website creation and design of our new logo.
  • Sandra Andrews– a Social Venture Partners volunteer and the team project manager.
  • Sarah Daniels– a Social Venture Partner volunteer and the marketing guru of our team.
  • Lisa Merrill and Lisa Bontje – provided the majority of the images for this website. We can’t thank them enough for capturing with their beautiful photos the “reading magic” that happens when our teen coaches work with their 2nd and 3rd grade students. Lisa and Lisa volunteered their services through Social Venture Partners.
  • Katja Shaye—our Social Venture Partners Lead Partner and volunteer extraordinaire.  Katja kept us focused, motivated us, and edited (and then edited some more) the website content.